The Best Steam Mops

If you’re tire of your old mop and bucket, it might be time to upgrade to a steam mop. Steam is a fast and easy way to clean your laminate, hardwood or tile floors. You’ll save time and money by making the switch to a steam mop. You’ll also be replacing the potentially harmful cleaners you usually use with environmentally friendly water, improving your home environment for yourself and your pets. Selecting the best steam mop for your home doesn’t have to complicate your life. We’ll cover the benefits of the best steam mops and go over some fantastic options for every home.

Benefits of Steam Mops
With a traditional mop, you have to lug a bucket, empty dirty water several times and wait a long time for your floor to dry. Steam mops carry water with them in an attached tank, so you can kiss your heavy bucket of dirty water goodbye. Steam mops also usually come with washable or disposable pads, so you don’t have to worry about using a dirty mop head.

Also, since they only use water to clean, steam mops can save you money on potentially expensive cleaners that may harm the environment. Steam mops are easier on your back too. Instead of getting on your hands and knees to scrub difficult stains and dry spots, a steam mop can make deep cleaning a cinch. They will easily loosen dried on foods and remove tough stains from bare floors.

Swiffer Steam Boost
If you’re on a budget or just love your Swiffer, the Swiffer Steam Boost might be the best steam mop for you. This option offers a steam activated cleaning pad in several pleasing scents, or you could go with the Swiffer microfiber mop pad if you want to cut out harsh cleaners.

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop

This model offers a light, sleek, ergonomic design, and has a touch free design so you never need to touch a dirty mop head again. It can also sanitize with its concentrated steam blast when used properly. The Shark Genius has an optional steam activated cleaner you can use as well if steam alone isn’t enough to get your floors clean.

Dirt Devil Steam Mop 3-in-1 Versa Steam Cleaner

The Dirt Devil Versa goes beyond floors with detachable mop head for precision cleaning and a carpet glide attachment for freshening up your rugs. This may be the best steam mop for newbies, as it is one of the lower cost options that also multitasks.

Bissel Symphony All in One Vacuum Steam Mop
You can cut your cleaning time in half with this combination vacuum and steam mop. This model vacuums while you mop with steam power, or uses just steam or the vacuum where appropriate. You can work on cleaning up a sticky mess while cleaning up hair and debris with the Bissel Symphony All in One. This is probably the best steam mop option for any home, and at the same price as a high-end single function steam mop.

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