Top benefits you probably didn’t know Steam Mop could provide!

Have you ever wondered how a steam mop could change the way you mop forever? Well in comparison to a mop and bucket cleaning system, using a steam mop makes it extremely convenient to rapidly touch up floors. Say adios to all the stickiest and toughest messes from your floors as very little effort is required to remove them with the use of steam mops. In fact, we have put together a few top benefits to steam mopping which might make you wonder why you haven’t include it in your house cleaning routine before!

Simple and quick
You only need one tool when you steam clean your floor. Compare that to a regular mop where both hands are needed in order to exert enough force to get the mop head to remove dirt. Not only will you feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame for a good hour, backache problems will also take a toll on you. It takes a lot less physical effort to clean floors with a steam mop. It’s just as much work as pushing a very light weight vacuum around the floor and can easily be done with one hand. Using a traditional mop and bucket can be irritating at times especially for those with a busy household as one have to make sure the drying time is sufficient and this definitely limits when you can clean your floors. Drying time is greatly reduced with the use of steam mops leaving after a beautifully dry floor. There will not be any rinsing and wringing in the middle of the process and the whole deal is much less time consuming.

Squeaky sparkly clean surface!
Steam mops are only as good as its stain-busting power. Only water is used thus the chances of having residues left are less and your floor surfaces will glisten. Hard to remove stains, or ground in dirt can be removed without the need to scrub. Say goodbye to elbow grease, cloudy film and murky looking floors!

An environmentally friendly way to mop!
It is eco-friendly as most steam mop models do not require addition of detergents. General household detergents may contain ingredients that some of us react to. Not only that, these ingredients may get left behind on your floor which may be a potential hazard to small children and pets. Therefore for those who are sensitive to or have allergies to chemicals, fret not as steam mops are less likely to trigger those allergies and can make your home more comfortable.

Sanitizing? Way to go hygiene!
The temperature needed to kill bacteria is at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit and steam mops are able to attain such high temperature though each models varied in their exact directions for sanitizing. Steam kills germs, mould, and fungus. Plus, it also comes in handy for cleaning grout.

As you can see, the benefits I believe you obtain from steam cleaning outweigh those for the traditional methods. Hygienic, efficient, environmental friendly, clean and of course chemical free! Best of all, steam mops also can be used to clean linoleum, ceramic tiles, hardwood and metal fixtures plus a number of surfaces in your house besides your floor. Say hello to a new kind of clean!

What should I go for?
Steam cleaning is taking hold of the market for a good reason. It is a healthier alternative when taken in comparison with a conventional mop. Therefore it is comprehensible why everyone is seeking advice on how to own one instantly. However, from experience there are quite a few out there who are a teeny-weeny bit skeptical about this method of cleaning. In addition, due to the variety of choices we have out there, looking out for the best steam mop can be quite taxing. So below I’ve compiled some of the features you should pay attention to before buying one:

Simple handling – the machine should be easy to handle and man-oeuvre. A lightweight mop equipped with a swivel head shall do!

Versatility – models that come with various attachments are available so you can tackle areas like counter-tops, grout and other crevices where dirt can hide. The size of the mop head included matters as too small a head will take you longer whereas too large a head will give you troubles in getting close to edges or into corners.

A large and removable water tank – a water tank that carries a great amount of water eliminates the need to lug around a bucket of water. Besides, it enables you to clean for a longer time without the need to pause and refill while cleaning. A removable water tank can be filled and cleaned easily.

Long power cord – The shorter the cord, the more often you might have to unplug it from one place and plug it in somewhere else to keep mopping. Hence, choose a steam mop that is at least 25 feet long as it lets you to clean wider areas without having to unplug.

Built-in power switch – With such a button, you can save up the hassle in plugging in whenever you need to turn it on or off.

So, which steam mop is the best for me?
Apparently many different types of mops are available out there and it’s not easy to search for some decent steam machine reviews depending on features, price and performance. Therefore, a few which had received positive feedback from customers are thoroughly evaluated and listed down below.

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